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Happy birthday Radiophonic Workshop! One of the world’s first specialist electronic music studios. A place of great creativity and much real technical innovation. The workshop got started in its Maida Vale home on this day in 1958, although its various engineers and artists had been working together for some time. Naturally enough, the Third Programme was critical to the early history of the workshop and the one of the earliest programmes to make use of its exotic, synthetic sounds was a fifty-minute ‘radiophonic poem’ by BBC radio drama producer Frederick Bradnum (that’s him in the bottom photo), broadcast in October of the previous year (earlier still was a Third Programme Beckett commission). In the pictures you’ll see Daphne Oram, Donald McWhinnie, Desmond Briscoe, Richard Bird and Frederick Bradnum. Click the pictures for the original, more detailed, captions.

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                                  POWER OF PLACE

Upcoming Exhibitions

Beetles & Huxley Gallery
London, UK
12 May through 7 June 2014

Alex Del Piero Gallery
Torino, Italy
16 May through 31 August 2014

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